Unity Place Sky Lounge

As the world's biggest catering company, Compass operates in 45 counties and in the UK has a division called Restaurant Associates which provide high quality catering in large office sites and venues. One such site is Unity Place in Milton Keynes, a thriving, sustainable multi purpose office building with an incredible rooftop Sky Lounge serving impeccable hospitality.Murdo MacLeod trained the bartender team pre-opening in bar excellence, consistency of service, service physiology, how to upsell fluently, cocktail confidence and how to create exquisite garnishes. Returning on a Drinks Development basis he created 5 Signature Cocktails for the bar, each unique to Sky Lounge and each delivering a super engaging level of drama to delight and excite. Using ignited cinnamon, glycerine bubbles, smoking guns, edible glitter and visual treats, all the cocktails create intrigue that guests instantly want to to photograph.Using expertise and category knowledge, Murdo advised on all the spirits that made up the premium backbar and supported this with dynamic spirits tastings to ensure all the bar team had the confidence to confidently upsell, often introducing guests to a new favourite spirit.