Service Standards and Upsell Training at Ashorne Hill Hotel

Ashorne Hill Hotel & Conference Centre is set in the heart of Warwickshire, a 110 bedroom hotel and with exceptional meeting spaces for day and overnight delegates.
The Food and Beverage Manager enlisted Murdo MacLeod's help to come in and train the evolving bar team on a set of service standards for success and also to initiate confidence in the team to upsell premium spirits as part of their day to day repertoires.
Setting the service standard ensures consistency across the whole team, the correct glassware, correct amount of ice, correct garnishes. Standards also include how guests are greeted, the level of customer and the phycology of delivering bartending theatre.  
Murdo sparked a culture of upselling with the team on every generic spirit and mixer sale, by giving the team a powerful one line fact about each one of the bottles on their backbar. With their one liners in mind and now 'switched on' as sales people rather than simply servers, the bartender team now have a route to service excellence which will bring financial results across the period.