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Empowers bartenders to be engaging, consistent and
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"Thanks for all your help, we have already placed your recommendations
into process to run a seamless service. You have been great help with generating the desired guest engagement experience and the bar team at The O2
have really learned a lot under your coaching"

Alex Stephanopoulos

Operations Mgr, The O2 Arena

Elevate Your Drinks Service

Empower Your Bartenders With An Incredible
Skillset For Success

Bar Excellence

The importance of correct glassware, ice and thermo dynamics, setup of bartender equipment, Initial customer connection and hospitality theatre, order taking excellence, perfect serve and presentation, consistency of service, workstation management, service psychology, tips for success

Upsell Fluently In Conversation

Includes: Learn one-liner wow factor facts on each upsell spirit that instantly inspire customers into trial. Discover sales techniques that become part of everyday repertoire, learn the origins, raw materials and distillation techniques, everyone gains the confidence to positively recommend and successfully upsell the spirits featured at the bar

Cocktail Confidence

Includes: Introduction to 10 classic cocktails, introduction to the cocktail tools and how to use them, the importance of correct glassware and correct ice, how to make the 4 types of cocktails: shaken, stirred, built and layered, how to balance flavours, how to present cocktails beautifully, practice for perfection, tips for success, everyone gains the confidence to shake & present 10 classic cocktails

Exquisite Garnishing

Includes: Introduction to the latest garnish tools, how to cut beautiful garnishes from oranges, lemons, cucumbers, berries, cherries, mangos, melons, kiwi, pineapple, apples and pears, how to create stencils & cocktail art, how to perform flaming tiki garnishes and utilise edible glitters, how to perform theatres with scented smoke, how to use dry ice special effects, tips for success, everyone gains the confidence present 20 creative and visually stunning garnishes

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Meet Murdo MacLeod, A Master Mixologist That Fizzes With Passion & Expertise

An effervescent presenter and drinks industry personality, Murdo's journey began at Bacardi, progressing to Senior Training Manager.

In a single year, he trained over 5000 bartenders in creative mixology. A hop over to Britvic as National Manager and then in 2011 he launched his own multi award-winning pop up cocktail service that went on to serve cocktails to over 2 million event guests in every continent worldwide across a decade, with a client base spanning Lamborghini, McLaren, Google, HNWI, celebrities and royalty. Following his passion he now heads up Bar Excellence, empowering bartenders with an incredible skill set for success, teaching them how to be super engaging and jubilate knowledge that delights and excites on all levels.

“Murdo has a real passion for drinks culture and inspires event guests and consumers alike with creativity and passion and can bring both expertise and fun to any on premise or corporate event”

Michael Birch, Vice President, Bacardi

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